Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Sorry no photos for this Sunny Saturday... instead we'll just have to tell you how we enjoyed the day!

Taylor has class on Saturday mornings so I went to Devine to spend some time with the family. Mom, Kathy, and I headed down to the Devine Fall Festival Parade with some family and friends watching the floats, cars, trucks, and bikes pass by. It's a small town so everything is about the same each year but it is still fun to go out and see everyone. Plus, people walk next to the floats handing out candy...Yay, free candy!

After the parade we headed to Pleasonton to visit my grandparents and to have lunch. Then my sister and I went to see a movie.

Taylor had some fun girl time with Mom and Teddi after her midterm!

The day ended with a quick game of basketball between me and Brogan and then a fajita dinner! Yum! Then we all sat down to watch Cars 2!

Not a bad day. :)

Now I have to go wake Taylor up from her spot on the couch.

Hope your Saturday was good, too!

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