Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Invite - Food Pak Challenge III

As part of our goal to give to CHF this Christmas we are recruiting another holiday to help us spread a little awareness and yummy-ness, and hopefully raise some funds toward our goal.

Okay here is what we are thinking...

Thanksgiving is coming up in a week and a half and just like everyone else we plan on feasting until our bellies are full! But in between the turkey being carved and the pumpkin pie we still remember that there are some people that aren't able to feast on ordinary days. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 4 children go to bed hungry in San Antonio- that is 25%! So to remember and to help we have come up with a plan. And because we want to help these children through CHF we want to use the Food Pak© again.

We have come up with a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the three days leading up to Thanksgiving (Monday-Wednesday). Each meal is created from the food in the Food Pak©, and for the two of us we plan on only using the amount of food in one Food Pak©. 3 days, 6 meals, and we are inviting you to come along with us. We will be posting instructions, ingredients, and menus in enough time for you to try one meal, one day, or all three days with us. The point isn't to starve yourself but to see the things that this box can do for a family that is hungry. To raise funds we are asking for sponsors to commit to give $5 for any one meal. At the end of the three days we should have $45 and that's just about enough to feed a family for two months!

So this Thanksgiving let's really celebrate and be thankful knowing that we were able to feed the ones that can't quite feed themselves.

Please RSVP and Come back tomorrow and look for the shopping list!

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