Thursday, May 27, 2010

casa HOTEL

It's been a year since our adventure started as husband and wife, and it has been so much fun. For our honeymoon we stayed at the coolest hotel in Austin {San Jose Hotel}. I picked it because one of my favorite Architects designed it. We loved it so much that we decided to go back for out first anniversary. For a full year we talked and talked and talked about going back, what room we would get, what shops we wanted to go to, where we wanted to eat. We even got a bonus for resigning our lease, $200 off our May rent!, this would cover the cost of a night! We were so ready! Or so we thought...

They were booked... Boo. But not to worry, I jumped on the computer and the same Architect had a hand in a new Hotel in San Antonio {HAVANA}. Awesome! We love San Antonio, and the hotel seemed to have the same feel as the one in Austin, and it was so new that it wasn't booked yet. We fell in love and started planning our new weekend. Would we stay one night or two? Come in Friday or Saturday? Should I take Monday off? The grand total of the whole weekend started piling up.... maybe not too unreasonably for an anniversary weekend, but it was a lot, and a lot is out of our norm.

After much much much thought we decided that the hotels would be there next year. For those of you who don't know, Taylor and I set a goal at the start of the year- we are trying to build a well in Africa! We are really excited about it and are trying really hard to complete this in one year. So the idea of being able to put this money into our water jar instead into our weekend made more cents. (pun intended ;) ) So that's what we did. But that didn't change much, we decided that we would still have our hotel stay and fancy dinner, but for much less. So with Taylor in San Antonio visiting family I got to work. And so we would like to share with you our hotel stay at {casa HOTEL}. :)

Our Room! :)

Mini Bar


And of course we had a Restaurant too....

Dinner for two, with the house wine, "Casa". ;)


It was so much fun! And the total cost came to be about $25.00. 5 for the mini bar, 10 for the wine, and another 10 for the food and flowers. We can now put the rest in the water jar. :)

We also enjoyed some fun new things in Houston for the weekend. We went bowling Saturday morning for a friend's birthday, and then to Kemah Boardwalk on Taylor's mom for food and fun! We also ate a couple other meals out thanks to my mom and sister and Taylor's grandparents! Thanks all! It was definitely a special weekend for us! :D


  1. This is really inspiring. We're coming up on our 11th anniversary. Maybe there's a Casa Hotel in my house! As long as it comes with that dessert anyway!

  2. Awesome! We got our dessert at Rocky Mtn Choclate Factory at the mall! It was so good! ;D