Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you want to be a part of something huge??

A quick note about an awesome event worldwide that is happening today!

I received this reminder email from CHF this morning:

Tent City Worldwide is tonight... Are you ready? Together, friends of Children's Hunger Fund all across the country will be pitching tents, sleeping in tents, and texting TENT to 85944 at 8 pm tonight! If your plans don't involve camping out in your living room, backyard or school gym, we still invite you to join with us by texting TENT to 85944 and give $10 toward ongoing relief in Haiti.

Text TENT to 85944!
Tent City Worldwide calls us all to remember that right now, Haiti is being flooded with rains. Children there are living in conditions most of us wouldn't be able to handle for even one night. Please help. For more information, go to, and text TENT to 85944 today.

We cannot help but wonder what could happen if every person getting this e-mail, participated in this call. How many suffering children and families could be helped? 1.2 million people were left homeless by January's quake.

How many of these people lost family or friends in the devastation? How many of these people were left crippled? How many of these people were left without hope? Please help support the efforts of local churches in Haiti as they deliver much needed resources to their communities, by texting TENT to 85944 now.

We love camping, and this would be a ton of fun, but we will be on the road again to SA. So will you join us by texting tonight? I can only imagine the turnout for this will be simply amazing!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder guys! I just sent my TENT text, the whole thing took about 1 minute-- to make a difference in someone's life!!

    Love you both, see you tonight!