Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Seven years ago today I was on a very top secret mission to get the very best birthday balloons to a blonde haired, blue eyed girl that I went to school with. They day before, I handpicked each one, carefully tied on ribbons to match, topped it off with a big SpongeBob SquarePants balloon then took them all and tied them around a box with a card inside! The next day I picked them up and delivered them to the school. I hadn't known Taylor for long, but I knew it was her birthday and I knew she liked balloons and SpongeBob so I think I did pretty well!

Now, seven birthdays later she's 22 and my beautiful wife! She has been my best friend ever since and I thank God that I have someone to share my life with that is so kind and loving!

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

The tradition continues!


  1. I remember that big o' balloon bouquet, and the smile on my girl's face! As a matter of fact, she's still smiling! :) Good job FZ!

    Happy Birthday Taye!

    We love you~

    Mom, Dad and all

  2. such a sweet story <3 im glad taylor found someone so amazing :]