Monday, May 3, 2010

"Simply Rose" Giveaway

This weekend we got to go for a drive to Castroville, Texas for the Grand Opening of Simply Rose: Gifts and Holistic Healing. The shop is in a really great part of town, right off the main road, surrounded by antique shops and other gift boutiques. Now we don’t normally do shop reviews on this blog but since we have received so much support from our families in the past, we are more than happy to share their adventures as well! ;)

Rose is our Step-mom and Simply Rose is her new shop! Her family is also a big part of this new adventure! Her brother gives massages at the store and her niece sells hand made jewelry. There are also many others helping out with behind the scenes and getting this adventure launched! It's so exciting and we're glad we got to be a part of Opening Day!

Rose and her first dollar!

As a special treat we are doing a giveaway for our readers! The first item is a Vanilla scented candle from a beautiful line of candles Rose sells. The second is a necklace made by her niece! We had a hard time picking just one!
We will be announcing the winners on Mother’s Day so hurry and enter! Just leave a comment with your name and we will put you in the hat! Also, if you are a follower or become a follower, you will have a additional entry! Good luck! :)

And if you are in the area make sure to stop by and say hi to Rose! Congrats, Rose!


  1. I want to enter your contest!
    i'm a follower too! :)
    Love you guys!

  2. P.S. Congratulations to Rose!
    If we are ever living back in Texas, we'll make sure we stop by her store! We wish her all the best!
    Alycia and all

  3. Pick me, pick me!

    Love you~


    Congrats to Rose!

  4. fun!!! We drive through Castroville on the way to my in-laws....this will be a good reason to stop and stretch our legs! :)

    Enter me in the drawing too please! And I'll become a follower!

  5. Very fun! I'd love to be in the drawing.


  6. Wow-what a cool shop! If I win, would you ship it to me?

  7. Wow! What a beautiful shop. I need to figure out where Castroville is!! Thanks for doing this...please feel free to come on over to my blog and enter yourself (Taylor) in my book giveaway, too. ;-)


  8. WOW!! Very cool. I have family in Devine so I'll make sure to tell them about the new shop. Congrats to Rose!!

  9. hey frankie and taylor! love reading your posts! keep up the good work!

    --justin from chf

  10. I just started reading your blog and it is too cute!
    Rachel Garcia

  11. Brother Ricky and I want to win!!!

    Love ya Kathy

  12. Hey we were there and yes its a nice shop. Congrats Rose. Pick me although I won't be here for Mothers Day so save it for me.
    You guys are good in putting this blog together.

    Chita & Juan

  13. Thanks all who have entered so far! We are so excited to see you all stopping by and sharing your own little stories with us!

    Yes, Melissa, FZ has confirmed that we will ship internationally if an overseas friend is a winner! :)

    Keep sending your friends this way and don't forget the winner will be announced on Mother's Day!! :D

  14. Beautiful-looking shop! I'm a big fan of your mom's blog, Taylor, because my son is from Zhuhai like Teddi. At her urging, I had to stop by your blog! Keep up the great work, you two!

  15. Thank you so much everyone who entered! We are now closing the giveaway entry and we will post the winners tomorrow!