Monday, May 31, 2010

Yard Sale Update

To say our yard sale went pretty well would be an understatement. We did a little research on when would be a good time to have it, even though our date was pretty much set, we wanted to know our odds. Rule #1: Have your sale after payday. Oops. Rule #2: Never have it on a holiday weekend, people travel. Strike two. But, we prayed, and moms prayed, and aunts and cousins prayed... and we had God up to bat for us- GRAND SLAM! Our God is not a God of rules and statistics, thank goodness! We had our very first customer at 6:30 am and it didn't slow down unitl around 12:15! We were consistently busy (but never overwhelmed)! After that things slowed down, but we still had constant bursts of people, with never more than about 5 minutes in between. We sold and sold and sold! At the end of the day we had raised a wonderful $521.23! Not bad considering that our biggest item was priced at only $15! We even received a $1 donation. :) Thank you to everyone who prayed, donated items and time, made signs, and lent us yards (and made us breakfast and lunch! ;) ) and shopped! - you made it all possible! Thank you God, for a wonderful turnout and a large step towards our goal!

With the addition of this weekend's earning we are now more than 1/5 of the way!