Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Monday

Well, our rice and bean weeks are over... but we weren't as focused the past two weeks as we have been. (We'll have to give that another try sometime!) Taylor was out of town visiting family and I was working very very late and ate most of my dinners on the company's dime. I did eat rice and beans every time I was at home, though. But, the important part is that we made it throught the past two weeks on less than $5! :) That will definitely help on our trip up North.

We were also very blessed this weekend with gifts and instructions to go out and eat from our loving families. What was the occasion? May 23rd marked 1 married year for Taylor and I, making that 7 years of togetherness! :) So as requested we did enjoy some meals out together. It was also a great time to catch up because she was gone and I was working we didn't have much time to talk the past week. I would sum it up as a really great weekend! :)

These next two weeks we don't really have a plan. :/ We have so many things coming up this weekend that Taylor is on her way to San Antonio right now to start setting things up. But it's okay because I won't have time to miss her because I will be working late again... So I'll probably buy a bag of cheese and make a pizza to take care of the meals that I will be able to enjoy at home.

It's not very exciting but it works. And what we lack in "eating" excitement this week we will make up for in "doing" excitement, we promise! So come back soon to find out how we cut back a little and gained a whole lot! :D

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