Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to School ~ Update

Like Frankie said, I love shopping for good deals! And after school starts, the school supplies go on clearance quick! It's like Christmas for me! I LOVE shopping for school supplies (almost as much as I love shopping for kid's toys ;) so when they go on clearance I can't help myself!

So, from last year, we already have 3 backpacks (each purchased for under $4!) and binders. To fill these for CHF we shopped last night at Target. Now that school supplies are in season again you can take advantage of more great sales! Pencils for $.44, gluesticks for $.25, eraser packs $.50, etc. With these low prices we filled our backpacks for only about $3!

Now, the other cool part is the rest of the stuff that I bought last year- notebooks for $.12, pencil pouches for $.37, and [really cool] rulers for $.37! (and a couple other nifty itmes.) CHF didn't ask for these school supplies, but Ecclesia did! They are collecting supplies for some 70+ kids who are living with their families in Houston as Iraqi refugees. Several churches are serving together to love these families as they rebuild life in the US. So one church is collecting backpacks, and our church is collecting supplies! I can put all my supplies to use and serve families in SA and Houston! How cool!



Something about Taylor that I love is that she is always, always, always, looking for great deals, and when she finds them she buys and stock piles. It's not always something that we would need, but things that she gives away. We have closets and boxes full of small socks, toys, shirts, underclothes, soaps, lotions, silent auction items, bug spray, sunblock, and so much more!

I joke with my family that August and December are my favorite months of the year, because around August we get to unload the silent auction gifts for the annual ALS benefit and in December we put together Christmas shoe boxes for orphans so there goes the rest and I get all my storage back! ;) Well, for a few days anyways, then the after Christmas sales begin and we start all over again...

Now thanks to CHF I can add July to my list of relief months. This month they are collecting 7 items or 7 Dollars for families with children in need. You can help by buying 7 school supply items (pencil, paper, scissors, binder, glue stick, eraser, new backpack) or by just donating $7 to cover the cost of these items. All of the help aids families that are struggling a little right now and can't exactly find the money to cover these few items for school. I know that this will truly bless them and show that there are really great people who love them.

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