Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Menu Monday

Trip Update!
We are packing our bags and hitting the skies this week! Jet setting through 5 airports total...I don't think I would be excited to be sitting in 5 different airports (coming home makes it 9) on one trip but I am super excited this time because it means time with Taylor! We haven't seen each other in almost three weeks! Our destination is Milford, CT to visit our good friends Tia and Joey and their two little girls. We will be sure to take a lot of pictures! (We haven't posted any lately because Taylor took the camera on vacation so I'm left with grainy cell phone shots.)

For the past 6 months and 13 days we have been eating on a $10 a week grocery budget. We shop every two weeks and plan out our meals in advance. Sometimes we find great coupons that let us dine out for free. We don't turn down food when friends and family feel like blessing us. We donate what we spend monthly on food so others may eat too.

This has been our life this year. Another thing that we were doing is saving up any surplus grocery funds in a little cup for the trip we are about to make. And this morning I counted it all up! Drum roll please............................... $61 dollars and some change! Woah! That is like we didn't eat for a month and a half... not sure how we did it, but it's done! So we have about 60 dollars to take us through our 5 day mini vacation, which comes out to about $12 a day! Not bad when you have been living off $1.42 a day! We will make sure to make note of what we eat and if you know Taylor she will be taking pictures of every meal, too! ;)

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