Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come Fly With Me

So, like I mentioned in our Menu Monday post we are taking a trip up North to visit some friends. We have been planing this trip since our friends moved away last Christmas. We moved the date a few times and now we finally have our tickets! Getting the tickets was a bit tricky, and we would like to share that story with you. We had to work really hard to figure out the flight plan. Taylor would be coming from Michigan and I would be flying out of Houston. The first obstacle was finding the airport that would give us the best price, and after going back and forth we chose Laguardia, which saved us about $200. We had some miles and thought that we could use them for Taylor's flight up there and I would just buy tickets for myself and for a one way trip for her to come home. Done! I was set and ready to go and she was good coming home. Our next step was to find a flight that would go from Detroit to New York that we could use our miles and not have Taylor alone in New York waiting for me too long... Well, we didn't get that far. The tickets were more then our miles and to add miles would be the same price to buy a ticket. So we went back online and booked her a flight with the airline that I was using and I was even able to time it so that after a 1 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta she would arrive 5 minutes after I did in New York! Our ticket purchases were somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks apart but it all seemed to work out!

Now this is where the story gets good- About a week ago, my boss asked me what days I was leaving so he could mark them down and he always ask "your not going to come up the day before you leave and ask to go half a day early so you can get to the airport or finish packing are you?" (he always asks that) I planned for this.... "Nope my flight leaves at 1:30 so I will be able to make it if I leave at lunch. Then I will be stopping in Atlanta for an hour and a half. Wait! What?" I double checked and called Taylor to get her passwords and looked at all the tickets and then checked the flight numbers. "No Way!" We were both going to Atlanta and then getting on the same plane to New York!!! Arriving at the same time, no one waiting around, no on having to be alone, and we would be able to see each other a whole 3 hours sooner! With the distance between the tickets being purchased no one ever went back to look at this, but it sure was great to know that we would be together!

This was just a great little reminder of how God loves to work! We are so excited to be going to see friends, and also each other after 18 days! :)

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