Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Monday - Party of 1

Well it is just me this week. Taylor has been gone for 1.... 2.... 3.... to many days to count. She has been with her family since last Monday and they drove up to Michigan the following Thursday. But I will see her again soon. Our trip up North together is coming up soon, really soon! As I fly to Atlanta, Taylor will join me and we will both hop on the same plane (we did not plan that part but it's great that God was watching out for us!) and we will be flying to New York. From there we aren't really sure what to do... we know we need to get to New Haven, CT, but whether it's by taxi, or train, or car is still up in the air - I have faith that it will all work it's way out.

So until then I have a few cans of tomato sauce, a box of pasta, and some cheese... looks like its pizzas and pasta again! Anybody want to join me?

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