Friday, July 30, 2010

Christmas in July

So you didn't believe me did you???... A few posts ago I told you about CHF's "7 for 7" for back to school, and how my wonderful wife (and I am not being sarcastic ;) stocks up when she finds great deals. I went on to say that when opportunities like the CHF "7 for 7" happen I am overjoyed that I get some of my storage space back! Well, I should have known that I was in trouble today when I got a text from Taylor reading- "Can I have the hall closet?" -as in "Can I clean out the hall closet and fill it with stuff that I have bought?" I knew she was organizing things because of our loss of extra baggage so I happily agreed.

Now, before we go any farther I have to admit that I am at fault for how this adventure ends. As I called Taylor on my way home, like I do every day, she told me that she bought something really cool, something that I would really want but I couldn't have. Oh great! I took a few guesses and after missing the target with Speed Racer and Madam Foster's toys (knowing she had been to Target and there was some kind of clearance going on) I gave up and actually forgot about the whole thing. That was until she pulled out the coolest stuffed robot in the world! I immediately named him and refused to give him back, and I am not exaggerating!!! I think I may have even threatened to throw a baseball at anyone who tired to take him away.

So I made a deal. We would go to our neighborhood Target (Taylor had previously shopped at the Mall Target) and find a replacement toy that I would buy to make up for the robot that I was claiming for myself. Oh boy was that a mistake. After a few aisles and seeing the sparkle in Taylor's eyes, I knew that I was in way over my head and I surrendered my wallet and an hour of my life to the love of my life. 75% off toys! So we shopped and shopped and shopped and at the end of the trip we had a a cart full of toys and checked out with a bill of $123! That my dear readers marks the most expensive robot that I have ever bought!

But we had fun! And you should have seen the look in the little girl's eyes, checking out next to us, as I piled boxes on to boxes of dolls, cars, balls, stuffed animals, and more, and then you should have seen the parents' eyes- full of fear hoping that our shopping spree wouldn't plant the seed of envy in their poor children's hearts... but all kidding aside, as much fun as we had shopping for these toys at such amazing low prices, we are so excited that they get to be wonderful blessings to the children who receive them! When Christmas time comes around they will slowly find their way into Christmas shoeboxes, Angel Tree drives, Toys for Tot's collection bins, and into the hands and homes of sweet little children who could just use a little love!

Later when we got home I was shown the bags that the robot came out of, something that went unspoken before our little journey... 80 more dollars of toys... did we really just spend $200 on toys?!?! But, at 75% off that is a $800 value!!! And these really are GOOD toys!

Well, all I can say is that this year for Christmas I am asking for a bigger hall closet!

One day, when we find a Memorial Box of our own, we will be sure to place in it a small robot to remind us of all the fun we had buying all these toys and the blessings that they were to the children in our cities and around the world! :)

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I was getting the "play by play" from Taye during the excursions, but it didn't prepare me for the sight of that closet.





    Good job, and just think how very far this blessing is gonna flow! Not to mention how much fun it was!

    One question: Where in the world did you stash everything that was already in that closet? It was full. Organized, but full! I know, I know, you'll figure it out! In the meantime, look at the fun Taye will have opening that door and gazing at the gifts! So fun!!

    I'm proud once again, of your giving hearts . . . despite the robot, Frankie. I must admit, I never thought a robot could be sooo cute. I don't blame you for claiming him.

    Love you both,