Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"From the Frontlines: Taylor & Frankie"

In May, Fred Martin (Director of Communications, CHF) was in town from California to shoot some video in San Antonio. He took the oppurtunity to invite us down to CHF so that he could meet us and interview us about our adventures with the Food Pak. We happily accepted! We got to meet him, visit our CHF friends, and answer some questions about what we are doing and why. It was really fun! We didn't really talk about it much here though because we weren't really sure of what was to come of it...well, while we were on vacation in CT, we recieved an email that our video had been posted! And what an amazing job they did! This video is a wonderful testimony and summary of what we are about and why we are choosing to challenge ourselves in our everyday eatting! Take a look!

It's really neat to be in the spotlight for a little bit, but even better is the way that God has already used us and will use this video to change and challenge others! (It's also really encouraging when people get excited about what we are doing.) To Him be the glory as we try to stay humble and as we continue to serve His children!

You can also watch the video:on Facebook
on YouTube
on the CHF website
(here, you can also see the awesome banner they made of us!)

Thank you, CHF for sharing our story!
Taylor and Frankie :)

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