Thursday, December 2, 2010


Happy Thursday and December 2nd! Today we are brainstorming about a new project. :)
You have heard us talk about Advent Conspiracy before, and how we really want to change Christmas this year. Well, here is our chance! Turns out that Advent Conspiracy is holding a video contest and the goal is to promote how Christmas can change through the AC principals. (Perfect right!?)

[Worship Fully]

[Spend Less]

[Give More]

[Love All]

We don't have much time, it is due on the 15th! And then we will only have 5 days for voting! We will have a lot of catching up to do since others already have theirs posted and are well into voting. So we will need every one's help to pick us! Why do we need votes? Well, because the winners get to go on a trip with Living Water to help document the drilling of a live water well in a developing country! How cool is that! So here's hoping we can pull it off! First step- find a video camera...

For more information on the contest and how you can enter or to see videos that have already been posted go here.

We'll be back tomorrow with the official TaylorFrankie Christmas List!!!

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