Friday, December 31, 2010

More Water Warriors

We have a big announcement to make but before we do we still have a lot of people to thank!
Along with Tina making bracelets, Amy making crafts, and Thayne sharing with his co-workers, we have many more great stories to share! So many in fact that we hope we mention them all... really we just keep hearing about more and more. It really is incredible!

Uncle Tad and his family gave up drinks for awhile and saved money by only drinking water. Yep, no coffee, Dr. Pepper, or energy drinks! They also put together a yard sale! Thanks guys you are so awesome!

Aunt Jodi donated early in the year when she heard what we were doing. But she and Uncle Fritz and their family set an amount that they would donate monthly and found ways to meet that goal. Not only that but Bo's girlfriend, Emily, used an assignment for school to spread the word. She put together a power point presentation about the need for clean water and she raised $70 that day! Amazing!

We would also like to say thank you to North Rome Baptist Church where Uncle Fritz pastors for the collection they took to donate to the well! What great hearts you all have.

Thank you to all who bought water bracelets and for all who gave donations above and beyond the "asking price" straight from the heart! It means so much to us and it means life for His children!

So many people came together to meet this need. So many hearts wanted this dream to come true. So many people prayed and so many people worked really hard to raise this money. We have the final count and we know God was behind all of this and that he made our final amount possible. But before we let you in on the total we have one more story to share, don't worry we will be posting it today!

Hope you enjoy the last day of 2010! It truly has been a blessed year! :)

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