Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Menu Monday

Today (err... yesterday) is the day! The last Menu Monday! For one year we have been eating for $10 dollars a week between the two of us. For one year we have been matching our own food budget with donations to food and water organizations for others. For one year we have learned some of what it means to sacrifice what we could have for what people should have.

The hardest part was getting used to not being able to drive through and pick up something to eat. We would do that almost every Friday on our way to San Antonio, it was easy, it was fast. But now we had to plan ahead and pack food to eat on the road.

One of the best things that we took from this experience is the time we spent together working on this project. Planning our menu, shopping together, working as a team to score some deals. Also, how blessed we truly were with people who wanted to bless us with food and how God always always took care of our needs.

So it was a good year, and we felt it was well worth it and it will definitely change how we eat in the future.

This week's Menu Monday is a short one. Taylor is going to San Antonio to spend some time with her family as her brothers come to visit. So I just need a few things to eat till Thursday- pizza sounds good! So I just need some tomato sauce, cheese, and a few tomatoes (to make my new Margarita creation!)

Thanks for following along on our adventure! We will begin with a new one next year! We have been preparing and are excited to be able to join in something that so many are doing already. Just another way to share how God has blessed us in our lives. :)


Well we won't need to buy sauce, cheese, and tomatoes.  Frankie decided that because he is working late Tuesday and Wednesday that he didn't need food because the office covers dinner.  And Thursday we have a  coupon for a free Whataburger!  So it will be eggs and for lunch and peanut butter and crackers.  Guess we get to save our $20 these two weeks for another day.  :)

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