Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Christmas Giving and Cards that Give, too!

If you remember back to our "Christmas in July" post, we have a lot of toys! A lot of toys that we collected at very good prices, saving them for Christmas time- for Angel Trees, collection boxes, and other opportunities. We've been seeking and praying for a home for these toys, but also hoping for an opportunity to maybe be a part of the delivery.

Shoebox time came around and we used our little goodies to fill em up! Those shoeboxes will be carried off to Nicaragua and Haiti soon! Then the angel tree went up at church and since we were a little late we nabbed the last five angels off the tree- teenagers who we split between us, my parents, and Frankie's mom and sister. So between us we bought bikes, cameras, cologne, Snuggies, shoes, and hair straighteners that got dropped off at church this morning to go to local foster kids. Then the angel tree went up at the mall. We looked for angels that matched the toys we had but were overwhelmed by the number and really really wanted to be a part of something a little more.

My mom reminded us that God would provide a way to get these toys to children who needed them. She also gave us a tip- ask the church! As soon as she said that I remembered the Iraqi Refugees who we helped provide school supplies for in August with our Houston church, Ecclesia. So I emailed the same contact who promptly let me know that he had no idea what if any projects were going on through the church for Christmas. But he forwarded my email to another gal who's response was simply delightful (and very quick)!

I definitely know lots of refugee families who have kids & we could absolutely arrange some time to do a Christmas toy delivery & I'm so glad you'd like to be involved in the delivery--that is even better. It is so wonderful to be able to introduce Christmas to them.

She was so receptive of our idea and is providing just the opportunity for us to get the toys to children in need and to be a part of it! Ecclesia is great at doing this. Our pastor has said before that if you have an idea don't bring it to the church and expect them to do it, but bring it to the church and they will help you however they can. This is exactly that! I am so proud of the church for helping us do this and so thankful that God has provided this perfect opportunity for us! We will be taking the toys next weekend! We can't wait!

As an added bonus, we were just introduced to another great opportunity to serve these people. We all can! Just hop on over here and check out some beautiful Christmas cards that some of the refugees made! They are for sale for only $10 for 10 (with envelopes) and so close to reaching their selling goal! What a great way to share the message of Christmas while sharing the message of Christ! ;) We are going to by ours right now!!!


While you're there, click the link that says Read About the Artists. Read their life stories, how they came to live in the US, and what the money helps them do. They are interesting. They talented. They are hurting. They are people. And they live in the midst of us, in fact 8 minutes from our own apartment complex!!! All around, people have great need. That's why we are choosing to let them know that Jesus loves them and so do we during this life changing season when Christ was born to show us that God loves us.

Happy second Sunday of Advent! :)

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