Friday, December 17, 2010


As most of you know one of the goals that we set for this year was to build a well. :)

We have been very blessed in our fund raising efforts. We have had two very profitable garage sales, have accepted donations as birthday and anniversary gifts, and have even worked over time to put a little extra in the jar. So far our total is around $2,800.00! UNBELIEVABLE! God is so great at providing!

We aren't at our $5,000.00 goal yet... but we are not worried. Only two weeks to the day til the end of the year and we are not worried about the other $2,200.00 because we have some great partners helping us with this great mission. :) We would like to feature the people and show them our thanks in the next few posts.

So today we want to shine the spot light on The Winders! That's right! Taylor's family has taken part in the fun. Her mom, little brother, and sister have started making bracelets under the name clearly love. These beautiful bracelets were created by the three of them in many different colors and styles. Each one hosted a clear bead to represent clean water and what the bracelets stood for. After just a few weeks of announcing these gifts on Facebook and at church the Winder family has raised nearly $350.00!!! Wow! We are so grateful for their hard work and participating in building the well.

Speaking of clean water... We did do our giveaway (the video ate up most of our time) but we haven't shared who the winner was. So congrats to Sonia from his hands his feet! She won the $10 Living Water gift card. With this gift card you can chose where to spend your ten dollars... you pick what to fund. A few of the options are school children in Uganda, hospitals in Kenya, unreached tribes in the Amazon, and house churches in India. Have fun shopping! For more information on that go here.

Also to learn more information about clean water through charity:water watch ABC 20/20 tonight to see a well being drilled!

Thanks again for your help Winder Family, we can't do it without you!


  1. I voted for y'all!! And will be posting it on my moms blog ( soon, telling people to vote for y'all toO!

    I love and believe in what you do.

  2. OOOOOOoooo I'm so excited! I will gather the boys this afternoon and we will pray together and figure out where we'd like to send the gift! Yippee! So excited! Thanks guys!!

  3. Thanks Lexie! I hope we find out soon!

    Sonia, we are so excited for you! Enjoy!

  4. Love the Winder family - they truly are God's hands and feet!

  5. Somewhere in India, we have a well! I understand your joy and the hope that your dream will bring.

    Have a joy filled love overflow Christmas,