Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water Warriors

We are only nine days away from the end of our goal! And we are truly blessed by the ways that others have contributed. What is amazing to us is that when we set this goal we did not plan or expect any funding from other people. We didn't know how we were going to raise the money but we trusted God and knew that if he put it on our hearts to build a well, He would make it happen.
We did not recruit the aid of family members, other that taking items off their hands to sell at our yard sales. We did not post a link asking others to donate on our blog. We did not rely on anyone except for God. He is our motivator and He enlisted the hearts of the many people that have aided us in our journey.
As far as I know we did not ask Tina, Teddi, and Brogan to make bracelets (but we did ask if we could help after they started)! And we did not ask for an aunt and her family in Michigan along with 6 other families to give up all drinks except for water for two weeks to save money for the same well... Our next Water Warrior is Amy Asaro! She has been so wonderful! She organized an awesome water party to get her friends involved in spreading awareness about the water crisis and saving money for clean water. And she hand crafted gift bags to sell at a local craft fair to raise even more love for water. She is such an inspiration! Even her teenage son, Thayne took the word to his work to encourage his employees to take part in the water project! And they aren't done yet! But you will have to wait to find out how she inspired a whole family to change their Christmas this year!

So today we want to say thanks to Amy and Thayne Asaro! The Asaro family has raised over $600 so far and they rock our socks off! You guys are so great and such an inspiration to us! Thanks for all your hearts and all your hard work. We miss you guys and can't wait to hug your necks next time we see you!

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