Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toy Land!

Welcome to Toy Land!

We have been very busy...

sorting toys for girls and boys...

And today we finally got the list, woohoo!

Names and ages for the children we will be delivering to.

We went one by one till everyone had a great toy!

Now they sit waiting to be wrapped with joy.

God bless these toys and help them show love to some wonderful kids this year.

Taylor just can't keep her excitement in...

Frankie-in-the-box popped up just in time for the picture!

It was a bit overwhelming, pulling out all of the toys we have bought this year... We couldn't believe we had so many stashed away! And there are still a few that we have to pick up for older kids.

This has been such a blessing and joy to us. We feel like God has called us to give and show love to his children this Christmas. And so we bought toys, and we waited for the right opportunity. Can you believe that the people that we found to serve are just a few blocks away! Out of the whole City of Houston we were called to help our neighbors. :)

What are you doing this year for your neighbors? Let us know and you will be entered into our giveaway for a Living Water gift card.


  1. Awww - yall look like you had so much fun - im sure everyone is going to love what they get!

    You dont have to enter me in the drawing - we cant really afford to do much for anything this year, we are trying to find ways to come up with the things that we do have to give... we want to bake cookies (or something) for our neighbors but you cant really give away things not wrapped anymore... we do plan on giving our mailperson and garbage-guys some little something - they work so hard all year.

    Hope yall have a good Christmas

  2. Addie,

    We have decided to cut way back this year with Frankie's mom and sister and make cookies on Christmas Morning to share. So we really like your idea about taking them to neighbors. Glad you are home with Wallace! :)

  3. Soooo exciting . . . and amazing. Fun blessings just waiting to happen!! Isn't God good to provide you an opportunity to serve right in your own neighborhood? He is faithful!

    Love you guys, love your hearts.


  4. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Every single time I click on your blog I walk away being inspired. We will (hopefully) be in China this year for Christmas adopting our two newest sons. As I blogged about a few days ago we are showing up empty handed to the King's birthday party this year, but we'll be holding two little hands that He has called us to care for. And for that we cannot wait!