Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5th and Final Day

Well, the last day itself wasn't that
interesting. We snacked on the odds and ends that we had left and worked our way through some more leftovers. We packed a dinner of rice and beans with tortillas as we hit the road for SA. And for dessert we had peanut butter spread in tortillas with dried apples! That was a treat and a great way to finish of our project! (It was really tough, though driving past every McDonald's between here and home, smelling the greasy french fries, and not being able to stop!)

The cool part was getting to church on Sunday and seeing all the boxes being delivered! This was JF's 2nd Sunday collecting and the Food Paks were stacked high, inside and out! Way to go team! I'm glad we could sacrifice a little, to give to someone who needs it just a little more.

These are our leftovers: the oatmeal shouldn't have really been included but we thought we were being smart by adding it in- we hardly ate any and really didn't need it, the peanuts tasted funny so we didn't eat much of those, we ate well over half the jar of peanut butter (mostly just by the spoonful! Yum!), there was about a serving of each dried fruit left, and half the box of crackers (which was supposed to be a small box, anyhow), and some leftover, uncooked rice. We also still have plenty of rice and beans in the fridge which we are gonna work through this week (with a little seasoning added!) to accompany our tacos! [A small edit about the first post- the box actually feeds a family of four for 1 week. So mathematically it could have fed us for 2. I think we could have made it with a little stretching.]

In the end, I can honestly tell you that my food purchasing ideology has changed. We had been spending about twice as much per week on groceries plus eating out multiple times a week. Here we were eating for about $5 a day!! Knowing that you can live on less than half of what you are used to spending, makes you feel comfortable cutting back a bit. And guess what?! Today I went grocery shopping for this week and spent about $25! Sweet, huh?!

Thanks for your prayers and for following along as we ate from a box! It was an experience I won't forget and we may try it again sometime! Stay tuned to this blog for more exiciting adventures in the lives of Taylor and Frankie! :D
[*Coming soon: awesome cupcakes for a great cause!]


  1. Yay guys!!! You wrapped it up well! I'm proud of you both, and thankful for what you have learned, and what you have shared!

    Love you!


  2. I love it! Thanks for proving so much to us with such a simple concept! God bless.

  3. I am excited to follow your blog. What a wondeful thing you decided to do.

  4. Thanks for the support we really appreciate it. We are excited that you have found our blog, hope you enjoy reading through our new week.