Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going Shopping!!!

Today was shopping day, and it could not have been more fun. After buying just enough for the past few weeks we went out and bought 10 times as much!

Filled up the cart!


Our cashier clocked out after us, I think she was a little overwhelmed.

It covered the table!

10 boxes!


Wait! Eleven!!!

So, here is the deal. This isn't a box for us- it's for you! Well, one of you at least. We would like to post a challenge, and at the same time our first giveaway! We will send this box to one randomly selected reader willing to take the Food Pak challenge. Leave a comment and we'll reveal the winner next week! Eat from this box, then buy another or even two, to give back to CHF. And we'll feature you on here! (Umm...some rules apply: you kinda have to be in the Houston, San Antonio, or Buc-ee's area. Unfortunately, shipping the box would cost more than what's in it.)

Large Families - just pick a few people to eat from the box, keep track of the savings and see what you come up with at the end of the well. Couples - this will be great for you, we laughed so much during the process, and had a ton of fun trying to come up with things to make. Singles- you will have it made! Just make sure you have strong will because this challenge can be testing...

However, if you are not our contest winner, we would still love to hear from anyone who decides to try the Food Pak experience! Let us know how it goes and we would love to share your story on our blog!

So start commenting and check back soon to see who the winner is!!!


  1. Hey guys this is your Aunt Ame's friend, Dawn. You guys are doing a great job! I am really impressed with your dedication to your project but more than that your attitude on your blog does not come across as showing off or looking for a pat on the back but one of enlightenment and encouragement - very humble. I look forward to each new entry. Thanks

  2. Wish I could enter (but CO is a little far)! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Many blessings,

  3. Way to shop you guys! Did God reign over this experiment or what?
    YES, He did!!

    Ten boxes . . .

    ten families . . .

    ten blessings . . .

    one proud mama (who learned a lot along the way)!

    Love you both!


  4. i'm really really proud of you. how cool of an experience. and to establish your priorities and values so early in your marriage...i think God is going to completely use you two.