Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second Day

Today was challenging, but we had an amazing dinner! (Thanks self! Your welcome, Tay!or.) I made Grilled Pineapple Chicken with Peanut Rice! I know- yum!! It really was delicious. I added some pineapple juice to the canned chicken, grilled it on the George Foreman, and topped it with a grilled slice of pineapple. I also added some pineapple juice to the rice along with peanuts! [Don't you wish you were eating out of a box?!]

Ok, so we mentioned this week's blog would be a little different than the last and we want to mention some of the specific costs of the food. Check this out:
Tonight's meal cost a total of $2.36!! Last night's dinner cost only $1.56!! That's it, for both of us. I hate to admit this, but when we eat out we sometimes spend $10-$15 per person. A meal like this can purchase an entire Food Pak!

It's just plain crazy to look at these costs and not cut back, at least sometimes, somehow.

Look at some of these other (approximate) prices per serving:
canned tuna - .40
noodles - .15
tomato sauce - .09
canned carrots - .23
canned pears - .33
pinto beans - .06
peanut butter - .08 (This was dessert tonight! "Delicious, nutritious!" as Brogie and I like to say!)

It's hard to comprehend. Even harder to live out.

On a different note to end today...
It's only the second day and we are quickly reminded of the difficulties we experienced last time around. We easily erased those parts of the project from our mind after experiencing an exciting, successful week followed by lots of encouraging words and satisfaction of completing our project. We entered this week thinking of all the fun we had before and forgetting the hunger that went along with it. One of the main reasons for doing this project was to feel the hunger that others experience when living on a tight grocery budget...and we're feeling it. It's nothing to complain about, just part of the learning process.

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  1. I must say, your "thinking inside the box" is getting more creative every day! That meal looks delicious! I am way impressed.

    The cost breakdown should give everyone some "food for thought". You guys are eating for less than a lot of people spend on sodas and coffees in a day . . . even less than most restaurant tips!

    You are really making me think about how much room I (we) have for improvement. A lot!

    Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Love you both,