Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day IV - To Go Box!

We have very exciting news! We are taking our box to go... We are hitting the road and driving to San Antonio, as a matter of fact we are posting from a rest stop! We felt like we really needed to take this a step farther so Frankie e-mailed CHF in San Antonio for information about volunteering. We received an email back the same day, and after a few emails back and forth, we found out that they were having people come in and help assemble boxes on September the 18th, as in TOMORROW!!! So Frankie took the day off and we said that we would be there!!! So that is where we are heading... Isn’t it perfect how God's timing works? So we will be able to share a new aspect of our project tomorrow, we are so excited!!!

Also exciting is the dinner we packed for tonight! I made refried beans (Mexican Style), with rice and chicken, and a side of mixed veggies! The beans were already flavored in the can and they tasted so good! The total cost was about $2.22! Cheap, filling, and delicious!!

For breakfast, I finished off the trail mix! (I also, thoughtfully laid out Frankie’s breakfast this morning and he got it to work, but forgot to eat it! Oh well…more snack for tomorrow!)

For lunch, Frankie had leftover mush (always better the second time around) and I snacked on some peanuts, some peanut butter, and dried apples. (I’m over the tuna mush.)

So, the rest of our box is packed up and in the backseat, to faithfully feed us tomorrow! :D
Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be a BIG day!!


  1. I bet not many people made (or bought) dinner for two for $2.22 tonight! Impressive. Very impressive.

    Can't wait to see you . . . and I'm so excited about your day tomorrow!

    You guys are getting really good at this "boxing" thing! :)

    I love you,