Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3rd Day

Today was a better day, but food seemed to be a focus point... They took the fence down between the restaurant and my office window today so I had a great view of people eating delicious Mexican food all day. Ugh! And our Wednesday night TV tradition- Wipeout, was food themed!! Little things like this remind us of what we are missing, but it was a really nice feeling to know that we were strong enough to overcome the temptations of eating outside our box and remember what we are doing this for.

Breakfast for Taylor was Granola Bars...I keep forgetting mine.

For lunch it was hot broccoli/tuna/rice mush- not the best but it did it's purpose.

And for dinner we had Spaghetti with carrots (yes, there is sauce under there)! Something we have been looking forward to since grocery shopping Sunday night! Definitely a good dish to keep us strong in the middle of the week.

And after dinner snack! My new favorite - granola bar with peanut butter spread over it and fruit on top, this time it was dried apples. YUM!!!


We wanted to share this video with you to give a better understanding of the big picture. It's from Children's Hunger Fund, but specifically features Oak Hills Church. It really shows why we are doing this and for whom we are being strong. It puts a face to hunger. Check it out.

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  1. Great post FZ! Thanks for sharing the video too!

    Love you both! Perservere!

    Mom~ xo xo