Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mission Accomplished!*

All 10 boxes loaded up and ready to drop off at Journey Fellowship! It is so hard to believe that we came to where we are. Thinking back to the launch of the Food Pak campaign at the Bigger then You service at the AT&T center we remember saying to our selves "Yeah, maybe we can give a box." We weren't even going to pick up a box on the way out, but somehow we ended up with three... and then that little voice that God puts in your head started with "what if...". Then "what if" turned into "I think we can do that." Then doing it turned into doing it again. And then maybe giving a box turned into buying 10 boxes and volunteering time and meeting people and going so much further then either of us would have imagined. Thanks to God for the simple "what if" and his opening of doors and clearing paths, and many blessings along the way. And thanks to Mom and Dad who gladly offered to pay the processing fee for the boxes, you guys are so great!!! And of course thanks to all the readers who supported us on our journey- we couldn't have done it with out you.

*Although our Food Pak experience is complete for now, our mission isn't over. We will pick a winner later in the week and post updates about CHF and other people who try the challenge. We will also continue to blog about our adventures as we continue to find new ways to give, so stay tuned!


  1. Mission accomplished indeed!

    His thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts, aren't they? It is amazing what God will give us the strength, and the means to do, when it is His "big thought", and not ours!

    Thanking Him for His inspiration and for His faithfulness to your mission. His mission!!

    Love you both!

    Mom and Dad

  2. Hi guys! Congratulations on your adventure. I LOVE your header picture. I am so glad your mom posted about this journey, becuase I was just having a long conversation with my sister two days ago about Easter. Our family has always celebrated Advent, each night reading the promises that God has made about Jesus' coming and second coming - learning how God keeps his promises. And with the wreath and candles and ... it was always a magical multi-sensory experience that really made Christmas a season focused on the Lord. Well Easter is really a bigger deal than Christmas, but with easter baskets and egg hunts and that is pretty much it, it doesn't seem that way to a kid. So we have been talking a LOT about how to make Easter a beautiful multi-sensory learning experience for our kids and came up with a LOT of good ideas, but we were struggling with how do we introduce the topic of sacrifice and fasting when our kids are too young to really fast. This is such a great option that I know we are going to use it!!! Thanks for letting us share in your journey and be challenged by it! I think you are great! Love from Nebraska!