Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food Pak Project: Part 2

Ok, so our original plan was to eat from a Food Pak for one week in order to save enough money to purchase another Food Pak through Children's Hunger Fund. The experience was great, and with the money we usually spend on groceries we provided food for two families- ours and another. We thought that was simple enough.

But God had a bigger plan. Our blog seemed to inspire and encourage many. We received enormous amounts of support from readers everywhere and so many had begun to follow our adventure. But all of this seemed to happen at the end of the project. So what do we do with a bunch of readers who have nothing to read? We start over!

So in the words of Mom, we need to “keep thinking inside the box”! Round two is going to have the same basic ideas with new recipes and new strategies. This will allow a new group of followers to journey with us through this experience and possibly some of you not-so-new readers a chance to join in!

For us, round two gives us the opportunity to help feed more families, and to once again reap the physical benefits that we discovered the first time around. Yes we were hungry, but our appetites changed and we were eating healthier. The Food Pak doesn’t allow for sugary junk food and over indulgences.

Thank you so much to all who left comments here and on Facebook and in person, and to all those who followed along! You're support means a lot to us and we are so thankful that God has used this project to teach us and reach others! Make sure to keep visiting- the journey continues tomorrow!

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  1. YES! Let the adventure begin . . . again! Way to keep thinking inside the box guys. I'm so excited to see the insight and rewards that this week will bring.

    I love you both~