Thursday, September 3, 2009

Third Day

Well, it's mostly just leftovers from here on out. Other than the beans that are finishing cooking as I type! (I need to mention these so I don't forget about them before I go to sleep!!) There is plenty of tuna melt left and some chicken and rice casserole, plus odds and ends of other things...

The hunger keeps building as our project continues. The food we have is less and less satifying with each meal. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to live in a sitution where you are truly dependent on these food paks.

The interesting thing about this project though, is that I was comparing it to fasting in my head (thinking that it would be much easier), but it is very different. There is such careful planning of when to eat and what and how much. When you fast, you don't have options, it's just understood that you will not eat. This box is like a mind game, where you think you can rely on your food but you still never really get full. I'm not saying that I'd rather go without any food for a week, but this box thing is tricky.

Some things that I am missing the most are: cheese, milk, yogurt (I love dairy!!), juice, and fresh fruit! Now, I'm thinking that most people who receive these actual Food Paks may have WIC or Food Stamps or some small income that helps purchase the types of things that can't be put in a box. But for the sake of the simplicity and the project we decided to just eat from the Food Pak. Certainly there are people who eat less than this and even nothing at all.

Well, enough rambling for tonight. I'm going to take the beans off the stove and finally fall asleep, tonight... with a grumbling stomach... Again, I can't imagine living like this and going to bed hungry every night. Especially as a growing child. Or the parent who struggles to provide for that child. God, help us to realize the injustice of hunger, and help those of us who have so much to reach out to those who have so little.


  1. Well said sweet girl! You have certainly given us food for thought--no pun intended!

    I love you guys!


  2. I've only just discovered your blog, quite a bit after the fact! I'm finding myself deeply moved as I read through the days one after another. Thank you for sharing your project and your insights. There's much to learn from here.